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Tater Salad uses a DKP system to distribute the epic drops in our raids. We use a modified formula DKP to create a system where hardcore and casual players are both rewarded for their efforts and attendance. The system creates the opportunity for the more hardcore players that attend more often to receive more gear, while at the same time creating a smaller chance that the gear will go to our more casual players.

Tater Salad's DKP Formula

When two members want to bid on a piece of gear, all of their points are used in the process. The player with the larger total point pool wins the bid. The winner players point pool is then diminished by the total number of points that the second highest bidder possesses.

As an example, say member A has 30 points, member B has 20 points, and member C has 10 points. If all three members bid on an item, then member A would receive the item. Member A's point total of 30 would be diminished by 20 points, which is the total amount of B's points.

So, 30 - 20 = 10. Player A would then have 10 points remaining. Player B would still have 20 points. Player C would still have 10 points.

Earning DKP Points and Losing Points

Points are earned by attending raids and sieges. Members must sign up on the website and subsequently sign up for the individual raid that they plan to attend. Our raids have a form up time, which is then followed by a 15 minute grace period. If a player does not show up within that 15 minutes, then there spot is given away. Additionally, players that sign up for a raid but do not attend or unsign will be penalized for twice the amount of the DKP the raid instance is worth.

As an example, if Wing 1 was worth 2 DKP points. If a player signs up, but does not attend, then that player's total DKP point pool is reduced by 4 points.

Players are given partial attendance when they do not attend the entire raid. Partial attendance is 1/2 of the raid instance's worth.

Players must attend one raid in every four week period to maintain their DKP. If a player does not attend at least one raid within a four week period, then their DKP is reset to zero.

Players that leave the guild lose their DKP. Additionally, leaving the guild with any toon that has been substantially geared out through the efforts of the guild constitutes 'leaving the guild,' even if that player continues to maintain another toon in the guild.


If only one player wants an item, none of their DKP point are used.

Players have the option to not bid on an item. This will sometimes happen when a player is on a toon they do not player often and wants the loot to go to someone else. Player never have to use their DKP.

DKP is per person, not per toon. Players may use their DKP points for any character that they have in the guild. Furthermore, players earn DKP points for attending a raid on any of their characters.

Bonus points are awarded the first time the guild kills a Boss. To receive these points, you must be present for the kill.

Notice of Change

These rules may be changed or updated by the guild leadership at any time. It is the individual member's responsibility to be aware of them.
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