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Posted Dec 22, 2010 12:25 pm
Broke out the Shammy again last night and had a blast with it. I was running with Khitai Blues, T1 legs, and Final Say hammer and was still pulling some kills without any excessive death tolls. After a couple of respecs I settled on the following build.


I ran Ferral Growl and Maul for my AA's. This one will let you steal a kill from DPS classes occasionally when rampage procs at the right time.

For a less DPS/Kill oriented build that has slightly better healing/DPS I have run this build:


I would run the spirit tree AA with this build

One more alternative build for PvP with BR/IH:


Casters hate this one with the bubble and silence, but it depends on others to kill (without some lucky crits anyways).
Posted Apr 07, 2011 9:31 am
I'm running a new build for PvP on my shammy now and I am loving it, mostly because very few shamans will give up their IH bubble to run something similar. I actually had a 6 kill 5 death game with my severely undergeared BS this week.


Bewilder might be the most fun combo the BS has in it's arsenal. I can almost here opposing melee screaming in frustration as they miss all their hits for 6 seconds.

There is only a 20% bubble with this build though, so if you are focused you will die fast. I've been focusing on opposing rangers with this build because I can break their root, and once they knock me back once I am free to hit them with bewilder and burn them down. The stam drain on manifestation of winter is devastating as well.
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